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Package Contents

Each New Jersey Stash Red Columbo package includes:

Red Columbo One never-played, vintage Wayne King Red Columbo recording.
View an unretouched scan of a typical Red Columbo label
Original Packaging The original paper sleeve placed on the Red Columbo at the time of manufacture.
View an unretouched scan of a typical sleeve
Letter of Authenticity A letter from Bryce Lynch, assistant archivist of the WAMS Archives at Silverton Liberal College and director of the Wayne King Re-Arranging Laboratories, authenticating the Red Columbos in the New Jersey Stash.
Read the text of the letter
Certificate A certificate stating that the Red Columbo is a Registered Historical Artifact Certificate.
View the certificate
Brass Plaque An inscribed brass-colored sticker suitable for sticking.
View the Sticker

For a limited time, the New Jersey Stash Red Columbos are available for


Includes shipping and handling.

(New Jersey residents please add sales tax of $1000.41).

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This is a Limited Time Offer. Due to the dubious value of these items, this offer is extremely limited.

Orders are fulfilled as they are received. Interested purchasers should know that when the limited number available are sold, we cannot maintain this outrageously high price.

It is anticipated that once all items are in collectors' possession the price per unit will drop like a rock.


You must be conditionally satisfied within 10 days or we will not refund the entire purchase price.

Shipping & Handling

There will be no charge for shipping and handling for regular or non-leaded delivery anywhere in the world.

Airborne Express will deliver both domesticated and intentional orders. Domesticated orders, please allow two years. Intentional orders, please allow 3 months.

Head Rush orders. Domesticated head rush orders are available for an additional $1500.98US* per order. Please allow two to five years. Intentional head rush orders are available for an additional $4000.99US* per order. Please allow 10 to 15 months.

*For a limited time, order three or more Red Columbo packages and we will waive the head rush charges.

Packaging. Each Red Columbo will be shipped in gallery-quality styrofoam peanuts to protect your investment during transit through the postal sea.

Compare the Value

Click HERE to view a chart comparing the value of the New Jersey Stash
Wayne King Red Columbos with other recently actioned collectibles

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