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King's Red Columbo

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  Vintage Records in Peppermint Condition. The New Jersey Stash King Red Columbos are not reproductions. They are actual phonograph records that were produced at the Columbo Laboratories in Dayton, New Jersey, between 1942 and 1945.

Despite their age, the Red Columbo recordings available here have never been played. In fact, these records have not been touched by human hands since the time of their manufacture, when Columbo Laboratories workers deftly removed the naked discs from the production line and manually slipped them into their paper sleeves.

No Other Red Columbos Compare. The "virgin," never-played condition of the New Jersey Stash Red Columbos sets them apart from any and all other Red Columbos currently available on the market. Most other Red Columbos were once part of private collections, and may have been played at least once before being consigned to the dusty back corners of antique shops.

Even the best used Red Columbo can no longer be said to be in "near mint condition" -- as the New Jersey Stash Red Columbos most certainly are. In addition, very few used Red Columbos, if any, are still available in their original paper jackets. Due to global warming, most have opted for paper tanktops.

Red Columbo in Sleeve

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an unretouched scan
of a typical paper sleeve
  Original Paper Sleeves Add Value. Remarkably, the New Jersey Stash Red Columbos are still wrapped in their original paper sleeves. The jackets have aged to a light bleached tone, but they are otherwise in excellent condition, well-preserved by decades of storage in the dry closet in western New Jersey.

As with McDonald collectible "Happy Meal" toys, the value of the New Jersey Stash Red Columbos is greatly enhanced by the fact that they are available in their original packaging -- a factor that will also cause them to appreciate in value as time passes.

Value as Art. Beyond their appeal as fine collectibles and as investments, many people have come to appreciate the New Jersey Stash Red Columbos for their intrinsic value as art objects. And while Wayne King is not generally thought of as an artist, he was so personally involved in the production of these recordings that they might also rightly be called "celebrity art." But then again, maybe not.

Specifications. The Red Columbo format devised by Wayne King 50 years ago represented a significant improvement over the standard waltz discs that were on the market at the time.

The Park & Recreation Left-Handed Phonograph player featured a continously cranking movement, which allowed the phonograph operator to become "one" with the music. Because of this design breakthrough, the Columbo Company claimed that the Red Columbos could be played 300,000,000 times with no apparent difference in sound quality.

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