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The following is information about vendors that provide supplies and service for original acoustic antique phonographic devices. Availability and prices subject to change. If you have any information and(or) updates regarding vendors on this list, or ones that should be, let me know!

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Aardvark Mastering
Vinyl Record Mastering

Truly a find amongst collectors or musicians interested in "cutting" their own new vinyl records. They also offer supplies and links to pressing plants and other resources

To for more information, contact:

Aardvark Mastering
Paul W. Brekus
4485 Utica Street
Denver, CO 80212
(303) 455-1908

Courtesy Bobby Cusson,

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Antique Phonograph Supply Co.
Dennis & Patti Valenti

Antique Phonograph Supply Co.
P.O. Box 123; Rt. 23
Davenport Center, NY 13751
607-278-6218: Voice
607-278-5136: Fax E-Mail Web

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Brown's Antique Phonographs
Matthew K. Brown

Brown's Antique Phonographs
Matthew K. Brown
3709 Lake Avenue
Reading, PA 19606-3032
610-898-1449 E-Mail Web

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The Phonographs.ORG Store
John Nagy

I have been repairing/restoring antique phonographs for 35 years now, participated in the UNION shows for many years, and currently have a web site.

John Nagy
8160 New Liberty Road
Walcott, IA 52773 USA
email: E-Mail Web

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Jon Graham
Acoustic Disk & Cylinder Machine Repair & Restoration

Full Machine-Shop Services. Call for Further Information.

Graham Restoration
685 West Hayes Street
Woodburn, OR 97071

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Ron Haring
"The Victrola Man"

17024 Frazier Rd.
Plano, IL 60545
Buy - Sell - Repair - Parts - Wind-up Phonographs

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Premium Parts & Electronics Company
(formerly, Projector Record Belt Co.)

Premium Parts & Electronics Company
Route 3, Highway 59
P.O. Box 28
Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190
414-473-2151: Voice
800-558-9572: Order Line

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Roger Merenkov
Old Wind-up Phonographs

Specializing in Restorative Rervices

Showroom, Gallery, Sales:
7703 W. Joliet Road
Lyons, IL 60534

Wed 10-3 - Thurs 2-8 - Sat. 10-3 (call for appointment).

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Ron Sitko
Antique Phono Parts & Service

56 Church Hill Road
Waterford MY 12188

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Vintage Sounds
Vintage Phonograph Sales & Service

Vintage Sounds, now located in the Hart Antique and Design Center, in Houston, Texas have been in business since early 1985. They offer needles, parts, cylinders, records; and sell and repair vintage phonographs. They also sell and service antique music boxes as well. In addition to phonographs they provide vacuum tubes, schematics, and repair and sell vintage radios. Their business hours are: Mondays through Thursdays 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Fridays through Sundays, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Vintage Sounds:
3002 Fondren
Houston, TX
713-468-4911: Voice
713-721-5079: Fax

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Wonderful Wind-Ups, Inc.
Proprietors: Janyne & Norm Smith

Reproduction Phonograph Parts. They are striving for a complete line of front mount phonograph tone and support arms. Also, check out their other products, some for Victrolas, and our restored Morning Glory Horns. The parts they carry are finished and ready to place on your machine. All polishing, machining, plating, and painting has been done. Postage and handling are extra.

9096 Harvard Blvd
Poland, OH 44514
330-758-5001: Phone
330-965-1195: Fax

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Wyatt's Musical Americana
Proprietors: Dwayne and Donna Wyatt

For needles, supplies, parts, absolutely top notch service, free telephone advice, reprints, books, reproduction horns, and phonographs - for all makes and models but especially Edison and Victor.

"The Wyatts are very knowledgeable, absolutely honest, with a very large stock of parts on hand, and turnaround time on most jobs is lightning fast. Their catalog is the best I've seen in the hobby, copiously illustrated and well organized. Open Monday through Thursday."

Courtesy Peter Fraser,

Clear Lake, CA
707-263-5013: Phone
707-263-8823: Fax

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