Playback of Older Recordings

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The following is information about equipment designed to play 78s and old LPs at the correct speed, with the correct stylus size and shape, and with the proper playback equalization. For further information, write to the companies listed below. Availability and prices subject to change. To see an equalization chart for old LPs and 78s, click here. If you have any information and(or) updates regarding vendors on this list, or ones that should be, let me know!

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Audio 78 Archival Supplies
Diapason Turntables
Esoteric Sound
KAB Electro-Acoustics
Packburn Electronics

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Audio 78 Archival Supplies

Phono Supplies

Richard C. Markel
P.O. Box 187
San Anselmo, CA 94979

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Thorens TD520 Semiautomatic Turntable - US $1450
33, 45, 78 rpm +/- 6%. Belt drive, electronic speed selection, stroboscope, auto=shutoff, twin solid-core chassis, 3-point suspension; frictionless magnetic anti-skating tonearm.

Thorens TD521 Semiautomatic Turntable - US $1100
The TD520 without tonearm.

Thorens TD180 Semiautomatic Turntable - US $400
33, 45, 78 rpm. Belt drive, synchronous motor, auto shutoff; TP-20 tonearm, Stanton 500 cartridge.

84-03 Cuthbert Rd.
Kew Gardens, NY 11415

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Diapason Turntables

Proprietor: Jeff Duboff

Archive Turntable Series All are customized Technics SL1200 direct-drive turntables, their top of the line available. All provide continuously variable speed from 15 to 120 rpm, with fixed settings at 33 and 45. All include premounted SME-type tone arm, cartridge shell, base, integrated digital speed readout to 0.1 RPM; Models 12 & 14 come with acrylic dust cover. Prices listed are for 115V 60Hz; units also available for 115/230V 50/60Hz.

Model 12
(for playing up to 12" disks)
US $1,150.00
Model 14
(for playing up to 14" disks)
US $1,250.00
Model 20
(for playing up to 20" disks)
US $1,850.00
Headshell SetUS $50.00
Digital Speed Readout
(fits any turntable or cylinder player)
US $200.00
Additional Sensor Kit for Speed Readout US $60.00

Turntables are built to order, with delivery quoted at time of order. Typical delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Turntables require a US $600.00 deposit at time of order, with the balance due before delivery. Massachussetts residents add sales tax. Prices include ground shipment within continental USA.

Diapason Turntables
81 Mineral Street
Reading MA 01867 USA
781-944 8002: Voice
781-944 8077: Fax

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Esoteric Sound

Esoteric Sound was founded because of the decreasing number of manufacturers providing specialty products in signal processing (hardware and software) and especially the waning number of quality turntables. We specialize in high performance audio equipment used for the reproduction of vintage recordings and in the restoration of such recordings. Each and every product is actual use tested after construction. They have carefully chosen, and limited their number of dealers thus marketing most of their products directly from our Downers Grove location to the end users. They have no distributors.
Esoteric Sound
4813 Wallbank Ave.
Downers Grove, IL 60515
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Tone arm included, cartridge not included unless otherwise noted. Information taken from Stereo Review's Stereo Buyers' Guide 1993 and subject to change. For further information contact the manufacturer at the provided address.

Dual Golden-1 Semiautomatic Turntable - US $1195
33, 45, 78 rpm. Floating chassis, vibration-damped aluminum platter with anti-resonance mat; quartz-controlled motor with microprocessor-controlled speed; viscous-damped cuing control. Gyroscopic gimbal tonearm with detachable headshell, low-mass tracking, high-precision torsion spring, optimization for MC systems. (Cartridge?) Wooden case.

Dual CS-750S Semiautomatic Turntable - US $750
33, 45, 78 rpm. Belt drive, microprocessor-controlled quartz drive mechanism, aluminum tonearm. (Cartridge?)

19 West 44th St.
New York, NY 10036

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KAB Electro Acoustics

Proprietor: Kevin Barrett

KAB serves the record collector and sound enthusiast with products that Preserve, Enhance and Restore. Founded in 1990, The company is driven by a need for affordable restoration equipment and a desire for better sounding, more exciting hi fi.

The company charter has propelled KAB to a leadership position in this field. They now offer a complete line of turntables, Needles and Cartridges, Restoration, Preservation and Sound Enhancement products.

KAB Electro - Acoustics
P.O. Box 2922
Plainfield, NJ 07062

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Packburn Electronics

Proprietor: Richard C. Burns

Packburn Audio Noise Suppressor (Model 323A) US $2650
A modified PSI preamplifier containing three processors for reduction (dynamic filtering) of steady-state noise and "de-clicking" of transient noises, plus special features for optimum reproduction of old records, lateral and vertical. Widely used in the record industry. Lacks a linear (i.e. "flat") equalization setting for playing acoustic 78s.

Packburn Electronics Inc.
P.O. Box 335
Dewitt, NY 13214-0335

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VPI TNT Series 2 Turntable - US $3500
Continuously variable speed. Belt drive; tonearm, fixed cartridge mount.21x19x8"

77 Cliffwood Ave., #3B
Cliffwood, NJ 07721

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