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Several collectors in the field of recorded sound have asked me to make a listing of books, catalogs, manuals, discographies, etc. I hope you will find this useful! For ordering information, see the bottom of this page for contact information. Mention WAMS when you order and I'll send you some free 78 rpm needles!

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Note the Notes: Columbia Disc Record Labels, 1901-1958
by Sherman & Nauck
64 pages, Color

Edison, Tesla, & the Electric Chair
by Th. Metzger
Flexible Covers, 6" by 9", illustrated, 192 pages

The Thomas A. Edison Album
By L. A. Frost
174 Pages, many photos, Soft Cover

EMI: Since Records Began (1897)
By Peter Martland
359 Pages

The Phonograph and How to Use It
Published By Edison
Facsimile of original 1900 edition, illustrated, 182 pages, Hard Cover

The Talking Machine: An Illustrated Compendium
By Fabrizio & Paul
550 color photos, detailed historical chapters

Collecting Nipper Memorabilia
By Ruth Edge & Len Petts
Over 1000 Pages, w/ 2000 photos

Billy Murray: A Bio-discography
By Hoffmann, Riggs & Carty
544 Pages, life and all records

The Complete Talking Machine, new ed.
By Eric Reiss
700 photos, repair/restore

Columbia Disc Phonograph Companion, 1899-1929
By R. Baumbach
248 Pages, photos, Hard Cover

Edison Cylinder Phonograph Companion, 1877-1929
By G. Frow
400 Pages, Hard Cover

Juke Boxes, 1889-1993
By Frank Adams
184 Pages, color, many unusual cylinder & disc models

Berliner Gramophone Records, 1892-1900
By Paul Charosh
334 Pages, all US artists, dates, titles

From Tinfoil to Stereo, 1877-1929, New Edition
By Welch & Burt
254 Pages, illustrated, Hard Cover cover

Look for the Dog (A Victor Guide Book), 5th Edition
R. Baumbach
320 Pages, Soft Cover

Phono-Graphics: Talking Machine Paraphernalia
By A. Schwartzman
full color, 120 Pages

Directory of American Disc Records & Manufacturers, 1891-1943
By A. Sutton
312 Pages, Hard Cover

Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound, 1857-1970
Edited By Guy Marco
7" By 10", articles on all kinds of records, machines, companies, and artists

The Complete Entertainment Discography, 1897-1942
By Rust & Debus
artists on discs & cylinders, 798 Pages

The Patent History of the Phonograph, 1877-1912
By Allen Koenigsberg
with 2,118 patents and 1,013 inventors, intro By Ray Wile, illustrated

Menlo Park Reminiscences
By Francis Jehl
Vol. 1, Soft Cover

The Papers of Thomas A. Edison
Edited By Reese Jenkins
Vol. I - 776 Pages

The Papers of Thomas A. Edison
Edited By Reese Jenkins
Vol. 2 - to 1876, 892 Pages

The Papers of Thomas A. Edison
Edited By Reese Jenkins
Vol. 3 - to 1877, 752 Pages

Edison Cylinder Records, 1889-1912,
With an Illustrated History of the Phonograph
By Allen Koenigsberg
covers over 10,000 wax cylinders, 2" & 5", 2-minute & 4-minute, brown and black wax

The Illustrated History of the Phonograph
By Daniel Marty
10" by 12", full color, 4 lbs., (out-of-print)

The Incredible Music Machine: 100 Glorious Years
By Lowell, Miller & Petts
Color, 288 Pages

Edison Diamond Disc Phonographs, 1912-1929
By G. Frow
History & photos, 300 Pages

George M. Cohan: The Man Who Owned Broadway
By John McCabe
photos, index, 308 Pages

Edison Blue Amberol Recordings, 1912-1914
By Ron Dethlefson
2nd Edition, 212 Pages, Soft Cover

Picture the Songs: 19th Century American Sheet Music
By Lester Levy
History, color, 214 Pages, Hard Cover

The American Record Label Book
By Brian Rust
Illustrated labels & history, 336 Pages

The Victor Talking Machine Co. Discography, Vol. 2 (1903-1908)
By Fagan & Moran
704 Pages

John McCormack Discography, 1904-1942
By Johnston
Soft Cover

The First (1890) Edison NA Phonograph Convention
With Intro By Ray Wile
261 Pages, Soft Cover

The Edison Phonograph Monthly
Bound in red and gold Hard Cover covers.
Re-issued trade magazine, 14 volumes from 1903 through 1914
$27.95 ea.

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All prices include US Book Rate shipping. For overseas shipping By sea, please add 10%. Airmail is expensive, so please inquire.

Thank you for your interest. New books coming - call or e-mail for details!

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