Antique Phono Supply Sources

Playing Old Records

The following is information about equipment designed to play 78s and old LPs at the correct speed, with the correct stylus size and shape, and with the proper playback equalization. For further information, write to the companies listed below. Availability and prices subject to change. To see an equalization chart for old LPs and 78s, click here. If you have any information and(or) updates regarding vendors on this list, or ones that should be, let me know!

Diapason Turntables

Proprietor: Jeff Duboff

Archive Turntable Series All are customized Technics direct-drive turntables; I am told Diapason does not use Technics' top of the line equipment. All provide continuously variable speed from 16 to 120 rpm, with fixed settings at 33 and 45. All include premounted SME-type tone arm, cartridge shell, base, separate digital speed readout device; Models 12 & 14 come with acrylic dust cover, Model 12 with soft dust cover and Lane Audio "geometry kit."

   Model 12 (for playing up to 12" disks)     US $945
   Model 14 (for playing up to 14" disks)     US $1050
   Model 20 (for playing up to 16" disks)     US $1500
   Headshell Set                              US $30
   Shure V15V-MR cartridge with LP stylus     US $290
   Shure VH578E 78 rpm stylus for V15V-MR     US $110
   Lane Audio Geometry Kit                    US $12
   Digital Speed Readout                      US $175
   Additional Sensor Kit for Speed Readout    US $50
Turntables are built to order, with delivery quoted at time of order. Typical delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Turntables require a US $500 deposit at time of order, with the balance due before delivery. Massachussetts residents add sales tax.

5 Catamount Rd.
Tewksbury, MA 01878
(508) 851-0543


Tone arm included, cartridge not included unless otherwise noted. Information taken from Stereo Review's Stereo Buyers' Guide 1993 and subject to change. For further information contact the manufacturer at the provided address.

Dual Golden-1 Semiautomatic Turntable - US $1195
33, 45, 78 rpm. Floating chassis, vibration-damped aluminum platter with anti-resonance mat; quartz-controlled motor with microprocessor-controlled speed; viscous-damped cuing control. Gyroscopic gimbal tonearm with detachable headshell, low-mass tracking, high-precision torsion spring, optimization for MC systems. (Cartridge?) Wooden case.

Dual CS-750S Semiautomatic Turntable - US $750
33, 45, 78 rpm. Belt drive, microprocessor-controlled quartz drive mechanism, aluminum tonearm. (Cartridge?)

19 West 44th St.
New York, NY 10036
(212) 840-1976

Esoteric Sound

Esoteric Sound Osiris Semiautomatic Turntable - US $1225
3, 45, 71.29, 76.59, 78, and 80 rpm +/- 7%. Belt drive, brushless DC-servo motor, sapphire platter thrust bearing, 3-point mounting. Static-balanced tonearm. (Cartridge?) 20.25x16.5x7.5"

Esoteric Sound V-3 Manual Turntable - US $475
33, 45, 71.29, 76.59, 78, and 80 rpm +/- 8%. Direct drive, brushless DC motor, solenoid platter brake, XLR lamp outlet. Tone arm, min. tracking force 1.25 grams, cue lever. (Cartridge?) 17.75x13.75x6"

Esoteric Sound V-2 Manual Turntable - US $375
33, 45, 71.29, 76.59, 78, and 80 rpm +/- 10%. Direct drive, brushless DC motor, solenoid platter brake, XLR lamp outlet. Tone arm, min. tracking force 1.5 grams, cue lever. (Cartridge?) 16.5x13.75x4.5"

Esoteric Sound Isis - US $420
Like the V-2 but with continuously variable speed control 60-130 rpm, vertical/lateral switch. (Cartridge?)

Esoteric Sound Vintage Semiautomatic Turntable - US $265
33, 45, 71.29, 76.59, 78, and 80 rpm +/- 8%. Belt drive, DC motor; P-mount cartridge. 17x13.75x3.75"

Esoteric Sound RA-6 Semiautomatic Turntable - US $200
33, 45, 71.29, 76.59, 78, and 80 rpm +/- 7%. Belt drive, DC motor; cue lever, auto return; phono cartridge, min. tracking force 2 grams, stylus for LP and 78.

Esoteric Sound
4813 Wallbank Ave.
Downers Grove, IL 60515
(708) 960-9137


Thorens TD520 Semiautomatic Turntable - US $1450
33, 45, 78 rpm +/- 6%. Belt drive, electronic speed selection, stroboscope, auto=shutoff, twin solid-core chassis, 3-point suspension; frictionless magnetic anti-skating tonearm.

Thorens TD521 Semiautomatic Turntable - US $1100
The TD520 without tonearm.

Thorens TD180 Semiautomatic Turntable - US $400
33, 45, 78 rpm. Belt drive, synchronous motor, auto shutoff; TP-20 tonearm, Stanton 500 cartridge.

84-03 Cuthbert Rd.
Kew Gardens, NY 11415
(718) 441-0895


VPI TNT Series 2 Turntable - US $3500
Continuously variable speed. Belt drive; tonearm, fixed cartridge mount.21x19x8"

77 Cliffwood Ave., #3B
Cliffwood, NJ 07721
(908) 946-8606

Owl Audio

Proprietor: Tom Owen

Owl 1 Restoration Module - US $330
The Owl is inserted between the phono cartridge (or tape recorder) and the auxiliary input of a normal preamplifier, amplifier, or receiver. It provides preset equalization curves for 78 rpm and pre-1955 LP recordings; high and low frequency filters; selection of lateral-cut monaural grooves, left or right groove walls, and vertical-cut grooves; and the ability to bypass the filters or the entire Owl 1 circuitry (for post-1955 LPs).

Owl Multifilter - US $225
A system of precisely tunable active notch static (i.e. not dynamic) filters for removing unwanted frequencies or noise from program material. The user sets each filter to a frequency of his/her choice and switches it in or out. Can be used as stand-alone equipment or with the Owl 1.

Owl Cylinder Reproducer Kit - US $330
Includes a Stanton 500AL cartridge in a spring-loaded mounting modeled on theEdiwon "O" reproducer, ontinuously adjustable for various diameters of cylinders; wired for hookup to the Owl 1 Restoration Module. Intended for use with an original Edison phonograph (not included). Comes with 3 styli: 3.7 mil sapphire (for 2-minute brown wax), 4.2 mil sapphire (4-minute black wax), 3.7 mil diamond (Blue Amberol); also LP stylus included with the cartridge by Stanton.

Owl 78 Cartridge Kit - US $178
Includes a Stanton 500AL magnetic cartridge with a standard LP stylus plus 2.5 mil and 3.3 mil truncated elliptical styli for optimum playback of most lateral-cut 78 rpm records.

Additional custom-ground styli - US $66 each
Elliptical (in mils)
  2.0 x 6     Late 16" transcription discs
  2.0 x 7     Late 16" transcription discs
  2.4 x 8     Narrow-groove 78s such as some Polydors; worn discs
  2.8 x 9     Alternate "standard" size
  3.5 x 1.2   Alternate "standard" size
  3.8 x 1.2   Alternate "standard" size
  4.0 x 1.2   Large size for very early acoustic discs
  4.75 x 1.5  Large size for very early acoustic discs
  5.0 x 2.0   For certain aluminum and acetate "instantaneous" discs

Spherical (in mils)
  3.7         Edison Diamond Discs
  8.0         Etched-label Pathes up to 14"
  16.0        Etched-label Pathes 14" and more
Prices do not include shipping and handling, which is UPS surface unless requested otherwise.

Owl Audio Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 3122
Linden, NJ 07035
(201) 382-4299

Packburn Electronics

Proprietor: Richard C. Burns

Packburn Audio Noise Suppressor (Model 323A) US $2650
A modified PSI preamplifier containing three processors for reduction (dynamic filtering) of steady-state noise and "de-clicking" of transient noises, plus special features for optimum reproduction of old records, lateral and vertical. Widely used in the record industry. Lacks a linear (i.e. "flat") equalization setting for playing acoustic 78s.

Packburn Electronics Inc.
P.O. Box 335
Dewitt, NY 13214-0335
(315) 472-5644

Wyatt's Musical Americana

Proprietors: Dwayne and Donna Wyatt

For needles, supplies, parts, absolutely top notch service, free telephone advice, reprints, books, reproduction horns, and phonographs - for all makes and models but especially Edison and Victor.

"The Wyatts are very knowledgeable, absolutely honest, with a very large stock of parts on hand, and turnaround time on most jobs is lightning fast. Their catalog is the best I've seen in the hobby, copiously illustrated and well organized. Open Monday through Thursday." - Peter Fraser (

Clear Lake, CA
707-263-5013: Phone
707-263-8823: Fax

BAGS Unlimited, Inc.

Collection Protection: An appropriate storage system is essential to the longevity of your valued collectibles. Their new catalog is conveniently categorized into 7 Collection Centers. Whether you collect CDs, LPs, 45s, 78s or need general purpose bags, you will find a center dedicated to your needs.

Bags Unlimited, Inc.
7 Canal Street
Rochester, NY 14608
800-767-BAGS: Toll Free
716-436-9006: Voice
716-328-8526: Fax

Five Reasons to shop at BAGS Unlimited:

  1. FREE Catalogs for friends and family!
  2. Bag Samples available upon request. First sample FREE!
  3. Special Bag Sizes can be manufactured to Order with Minimums as few as 1000 pieces. please call for quote!
  4. In-House Printing on poly bags. Orders processed in 7 to 10 business days!
  5. Buyers Bonus Bucks!

BAGS Unlimited Poly Bags & Corrugated Boxes are made from 100% Recyclable Material.

From Page 5 of Catalog No. 27 - Audio Center: 10"lp & 78rpm

Sleeve: 10"lp & 78rpm Polyethylene Sleeves. 3 Mil - No Flap.

                 10 1/4 x 10 1/4        10 5/8 x 10 5/8
  100                   US $7.50               US $8.30
  200                  US $13.10              US $15.50
  500                  US $28.40              US $31.00
  1000                 US $50.90              US $53.35
               Product Code S783     Product Code SLP10
Fits over 10" Gold or White Paper Sleeves
Sleeve: 10"lp & 78rpm Paper Sleeves

                            Gold                  White
  50                   US $10.60              US $11.65
  100                  US $15.70              US $17.10
  500*                 US $65.70              US $71.55
  1000                US $120.65             US $131.40
  2000                US $204.50             US $222.70
  4000                US $388.60             US $423.20
               Product Code S10G      Product Code S10W
Fits in 10" JacketFits in 10" Jacket. 28 lb. Kraft Paper32 lb. White Paper

* Quantity/Case

Jacket: 10"lp & 78rpm Jacket. High Gloss White Cardboard, 10 1/4 x 10 1/4
  5                     US $6.40
  10                    US $9.55
  35                   US $26.00
  75*                  US $52.50
  150                  US $95.50
  225             US $104.60+Frt
               Product Code S10J
When Ordering, Specify With or Without Center Hole

* Quantity/Case

Box: 10"lp & 78rpm Storage Box. 10 1/2 x 10 3/4 x 13
  2                    US $11.45
  5                    US $22.50
  10                   US $37.50
  25                   US $76.95
  50                  US $139.80
  100             US $217.05+Frt
  200             US $400.70+Frt
              Product Code X7865
Store 50 - 65 records. Attractive, White, 275 lb Test Corrugated Storage Container. Easy to assemble, needs no tape or glue. Stackable.
Mailer: 10"lp & 78rpm Mailer Box. 10 1/2 x 10 1/4 x 1 1/2
  10                    US $9.70
  25                   US $15.50
  50                   US $26.60
  100                  US $47.75
  500                 US $226.80
              Product Code M7810
Holds 8 to 10 records. Made from sturdy 200 lb Test Corrugated material. Designed for maximum shipping protection. Tape, Stamp and Ship!
Filler: 10"lp & 78rpm Mailer Filler Pads. 10 1/8 x 10 1/8
  50                   US $11.65
  100                  US $17.00
  250                  US $31.40
  500                  US $50.95
                Product Code F78
Use our corrugated filler pads to eliminate unneccessary inner package movement while absorbing handling shock.

Acoustic Phonographs & 78s

Information, Care & Repair

Ron Haring - "The Victrola Man"
731 Dexter Avenue
Romeoville, IL 60441
(815) 886-2204
Buy - Sell - Repair - Parts - Wind-up Phonographs
Roger Merenkov - Old Wind-up Phonographs
Specializing in restorative services
Showroom, gallery, sales:
7703 W. Joliet Road
Lyons, IL 60534
(708) 442-5535

Wed 10-3 - Thurs 2-8 - Sat. 10-3 (call for appointment)


The Vestal Press
P.O. Box 97
Vestal, NY 13851-0097

Newsletter: The New Amberola Graphic
37 Caledonia St.
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Editor: Martin Bryan

Subscription US $8.00 per year (plus US $.40 tax in Vermont!!!)

Gilbert's Pocket Guide to Antique Musical Machine Values

A little 26-page pamphlet, designed to be carried around on one's search expeditions for old phonographs, music boxes, player pianos, and the like. It's a computerized compilation of recent advertisement and auction prices culled from various sources within the hobby, and is pretty complete, useful and accurate. US $5.00 postpaid.
G. F. Pasley
8828 Pershing Drive, #142
Playa del Rey, CA 90293

"Look for the Dog"
Robert Baumbach
Stationery X-Press

Available from Antique Phono Shop or Ron Haring
"The Compleat Phonograph"

Also available from Antique Phono Shop

Edison Cylindars & Disks

Standard Texts for the Edison collector

From Tinfoil To Stereo
Read & Welch

Edison Cylindar Records, 1889-1912
Allen Koenigsberg; (author and publisher)
502 E. 17th St.
Brooklyn NY 11226

The "bible" for Edison records through 1912 (cylinders were made until the crash of 1929). Copies of the 2nd edition may still be available at about US $50.

The Antique Phonograph Monthly
(de rigeur among serious collectors)

Allen Koenigsberg
502 E. 17th St.
Brooklyn NY 11226

Subscriptions - US $14 for 10 issues

Information provided by: David Giovannoni

Edisonia Reprints and Books

Ron Dethlefson

Ron Dethlefson of Bakersfield, California is a reknowned expert on things Edison in general and Blue Amberols and Diamond Discs specifically. He's spent the past 40 years collecting records, phonographs and literature, doing research, and is author of books on these and related topics. He is always happy to talk about these things on the phone - he's a wellspring of knowledge, and you can reach him at 805-872-1530 (number given with permission).

Ron has several items available for people who wish to augment their collections of Edisonia or just begin learning about these fascinating records and machines.

His earlier books are out of print, but one is still available: "Edison Disc Artists and Records - A Compilation" It tells the story from the earliest experimental discs to the final needle-cut (lateral) 78's, 1910-1929. It's a great overview of American popular music of the period, plus it's full of fascinating but obscure facts, rare photographs, internal Edison memoranda, etc. 104 pages with special end papers. US $11.95 postpaid (add 10% for overseas delivery).

Ron also has some very high quality reprints of original Edison documents available. They were duplicated from excellent-condition originals from the Edison National Historic Site:

All reprint prices include first class US postage; add 10% for overseas shipping. To order, contact:
Ron Dethlefson
3605 Christmas Tree Lane
Bakersfield, CA 93306

Re-Recordings & Reissues

Radio Yesteryear

Recordings of Cal Stewart's "Uncle Josh" series are available from the "Radio Yesteryear Co." which has released "Uncle Josh and Cornball Country Comedians" as its "Stack of 78s" No. 16. This is an hour of "Uncle Josh" culled from records and cylinders and transferred to cassette tape. Reasonably priced at US $6.00 each, or buy 4 or more at US $4.75.

Radio Yesteryear Co.
Box C
Sandy Hook Ct, 06482
(800)243-0987: Toll Free
(203)797-0819: Fax

Courtesy Jim Stephenson,
Jan Scobey's Hot Jazz

A Collector's Showcase: Jan's annual catalog and periodic mailings are but a footnote to this amazing woman. Former wife of the legendary Bob Scobey, Jan was a musician in her own right, with her early sixties band, "Jan Scobey and her Dixie Cats." Now days, she is a regular fixture at West Coast Trad Jazz festivals, spreading the gospel of Dixieland. Her catalog, is a quarter-inch thick work containing most of the traditional Jazz, Dixieland, Big Band and Ragtime titles in the known universe, original and revival, (the order form listing alone is seven pages!) CDs, Cassettes, and some LPs are available. A fine selection of Jazz videos and books are also stocked in this cornacopia of trad. It also includes a Trad Jazz Festival Calandar and many interesting stories about past jazz revivals and historical luminaries. US $7.00, refunded with the first order.

Jan Scobey's Hot Jazz
P.O. Box 6
Upper Lake, CA, 95485-0006
(800)8-SCOBEY: Toll Free

"She'll put a wiggle in your walk and a smile on your face."
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