Red Raven
"Get Along Old Pard"
Red Raven Orch; George S. Chase, Director

Morgan Development Laboratories

This is the second in a series of animated .GIF renditions of these amazing examples of 78 multimedia technology! I created this animation by color scanning the original label, and moving the record 1/16 of a rotation on my new flatbed color scanner, (Plustek "OpticPro 4800P").

I scanned the images into Aldus PhotoStyler, a now extinct image enhancement application, and then resizing the images 1/3 size. I then applied the "despeckling" tool effect to help remove the moire pattern that results from scanning any printed image.

The resulting 16 images were then re-sized to 150 by 146 pixels, and assembled into AutoDesk Animator Studio as a series of 32-bit .TGA files. The sequence was then saved as a Video for Windows .AVI file. That file was then loaded into the beta version of Microsoft .GIF Animator, and saved out as the final .GIF animation you are now viewing.

The quality of course could be better, but I wanted to keep the image size minimal and still have something viewable. I have recorded the record as a RealAudio 3.0 file clickable via the "RA" icon in the upper right corner of this page . . .

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