Normal Maintenance For

External-Horn Edison Cylinder Phonographs

By Peter Fraser

Purple Line

In general, cleanliness is next to godliness. With these external-works models the feed screw and gearing can get pretty gummed up, especially on the Home type. Assuming you or someone else has given it a good cleaning sometime recently, all one needs to do is keep the upper works clean and lubricated, and lube the motor below deck once in a while (3 to 6 months is probably ok). Run the thing while gripping the feed screw with a lint-free cloth every so often to clear the dust/cat-hair etc. out of the threads, then lightly relube - and clear the half-nut that rides on it while you're at it. Radio Shack markets a pin-point pen shaped oiler that works great for this.

Also oil the surface of the bar that the carriage set-down rides on, in front of the mandrel - minimizes friction during play. A drop per bearing or so will do the job. Don't forget to oil your governor friction pads while you're at it.

- Peter Fraser
Purple Line

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