The Value of 78s

By Peter Fraser

Purple Line

Q: Is there a listing published of the value of old 78s, and how their condition can be determined?

There's listings and price guides and so on . . . but there's a really high degree of selectivity dependent upon personal tastes. I know a guy who tosses ALL acoustic and classical records into the dumpster, regardless of condition. He bought a box of about 100 records, in a set of very nice original Victor albums, for 10 bucks last week. They were all Victor red labels (classical) in as-new condition. Tossed, unceremoniously - he just wanted the albums.

So, what's the value of a 78? It's roughly equal to the value of One Smile - the smile you get when you hear the record. And for me, smiles are worth between a nickel and a couple of bucks.

When you find that pile of old records in the attic or garage or grandma's house, don't think "These things are so old, they GOTTA be worth big bucks!" Instead, try "I'll bet somebody out there might enjoy these . . ." and get them into those people's hands. Or better still, try "These might be kinda neat - I think I'll get an old record player and try 'em out." my two cents (or one smile) worth . . .

- Peter Fraser;

Purple Line

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