Play Records On Both Sides Without Turning Them Over

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With A

Magic Brain

RCA Victrola

Push a button . . . There's Your Record Program

Two Hours Of Continuous Undisturbed Enjoyment

Only the new Magic Brain RCA Victrola models posses these sensational new features designed to give new perfection to record reproduction.

TANDEM TONE ARM - Plays records on both sides without turning them over.

COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC - Merely push a button and sit back for two hours of continuous uniterrupted enjoyment.

MAGIC TONE CELL - Insures unparalledled purity of tone, longer record life.

FLEXIBLE TONE BRIDGE - Entirely eliminates all undesirable mechanical noise.

JEWEL-LITE SCANNER - Entirely eliminates use of needles.

ROLL-OUT RECORD CHANGER - Records load at "Comfort Level." No lid to lift - no orniments to move. (Available on some Magic Brain models.)

INCREASED RECORD CAPACITY - Plays 15 ten-inch or 12 twelve-inch records.

TWO MOTORS - For super-performance.

The Magic Brain RCA Victrola represents the finest in record reproduction combined with the best in American and foreign radio reception.

See It! Hear It!

Enjoy It In Your Own Home!

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