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KMHD Traditional Jazz Hour - 3/29/97
(Digital Photo by W.A.M.S. Member Tom Costello)

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For jazz enthusiasts in the Portland, Oregon area, the choice FM station is KMHD-FM 89.1, (". . . All Jazz - All The Time.") During their fall fund drive, this listener-sponsored station offered a unique pledge offer: the "30 Minutes of Fame" package. Pledge a specific amount, and the supporter is awarded 30 minutes of "air time" on the station to play his or her favorite jazz tunes.

Being long-time supporters of KMHD radio, W.A.M.S. ". . . stepped up to the plate," as station manager Tom Costello puts it, and made the pledge! On Saturday morning, March 29, 1997, Chief Archivist Gus Frederick, (right) assisted W.A.M.S. Member Bill "Dr. Jazz" Fetsch in the programming of his weekend Traditional Jazz hour.

With Costello on the board as engineer, Gus and Bill sent out a number of hot tunes originally recorded at 78rpm, to Portland radio listeners. Here is the complete play list that was used on that fateful day:

Opening Cut:

Wolverine Blues - 2:42
John Spikes - Benjamin Spikes - Ferd Morton
Benny Goodman & his Boys
VOC-15656 - 1/28
Benny Goodman clarinet, Glenn Miller Trombone; Jimmy McPartland, cornet, Vic Breidis, piano, Dick Morgan, guitar, Harry Goodman, tuba, Bob Conselman, drums & vibes

Acoustic Set:

Palesteena - 2:38
Conrad - Robinson
Original Dixieland Jazz Band
VIC-18717 - 12/4/20 NYC
Nick LaRocca, cornet; Eddie Edwards, trombone; Larry Shields, clarinet; Tony Sbarbaro, Drums; Benny Krueger, alto sax; J. Russel Robinson, piano

That's A Plenty - 2:35
Ben Pollack
New Orleans Rhythm Kings
GEN-11353-A - 3/12/23 Richmond
Paul Mares, cornet; George Brunies, trombone; Leon Ropollo, clarinet; Mel Stitzel, piano; Ben Pollack, drums

Dipper Mouth Blues - 2:25
Oliver - Armstrong
King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band
GEN-11389 - 4/6/23 Richmond
King Oliver & Louis Armstrong, cornet; Honore Dutrey, trombone; Johnny Dodds, clarinet; Lil Harden Armstrong, piano; Bill Johnson, banjo; Baby Dodds, drums

"Play That Thing" Historical Note:
Windows .WAV File - 0:11

Society Band Set:

Sidewalk Blues - 3:31
Ferd Morton - Walter Melrose
Jelly Roll Morton & his Red Hot Chili Peppers
BVE-36283 - 9/21/26 Chicago
Jelly Roll Morton, dialog/piano; George Mitchell, cornet; Kid Ory, trombone; Omer Simeon, Barney Bigard & Darnell Howard, clarinet; Johnny St. Cyr, dialog/banjo; John Lindsey, bass; Andrew Hilaire, drums; Marty Bloom, sound effects

Variety Stomp - 3:03
Trent - F. Henderson
Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra
BVE-38497-1 - 4/27/27 NYC
Russell Smith, Tommy Ladnier & Joe Smith, cornet; Jimmy Harrison, Charlie Green, trombone; Buster Baily, Don Redman, Coleman Hawkins, reeds; Fletcher Henderson, piano; Charlie Dixon, banjo; June Cole, trombone; Kaiser Marshall, drums

Lonely Melody - 3:00
Coslow - Meroff - Dyson
Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra
VIC-21214 - 1/4/28 NYC
Charles Margulis, Henry Busse, trumpet; Bix Beiderbecke, cornet; Wilber Hall, Bill Rank trombone; Chet Hazlett, Hal McLean alto sax; Jimmy Dorsey alto sax/clarinet; Charles Strickfaden tenor sax; Frank Trunbauer C-melody sax; Kurt Dieterle, Misha Russell, Matty Malneck violin; Harry Perrella piano; Mike Pingitore banjo; Mike Trafficante bass; Steve Brown standup bass; Hal McDonald drums

All-Star Set:

She's a Great Great Girl - 3:20
Harry Woods
Roger Wolf-Kahn Orchestra
VIC-21326 - 3/14/28 NYC
Tommy Gott & Manny Klein, trumpet; Jack Teagarden, trombone; Arnold Brilhart & Alfi Evans, saxes; Joe Vinuti & Joe Raymond, violin; Arthur Schutt, piano; Eddie Lang, guitar; Tony Colucci, banjo; Arthur Campbell, tuba; Vic Burton, Drums

Spell of the Blues - 3:09
D. Dreyer - H. Ruby-A. Johnson
Arranged by Glenn Miller
Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
OKE-41181 - 1/26/29 NYC
Leo McConville, Fuzzy Farrar, Phil Napoleon, trumpet; Tommy Dorsey, trombone/trumpet; Glen Mill, trombone; Jimmy Dorsey, Arnold Brilhart, clarinet/alto sax; Herb Spencer, tenor sax; Arthur Schutt, piano; Eddie Land, guitar; Joe Venutti, violin; Hank Stern, tuba; Stan King, drums; Bing Crosby, vocal

"Thanks To WAMS . . ." Nancy Wilson Windows .WAV File - 0:14
(From NPR's "Jazz Profiles," originally aired 10/11/96)

Alternate Cuts:

Copenhagen - 2:38
Melrose - Davis
Lu Watters & his Yerba Buena Jazz Band
MER-11052 - 1/15/50 "Hambone Kelly's" El Cerrito, CA
Lu Watters, trumpet; Don Noakes, trombone; Bob Helm, clarinet; Clancy Hayes & Pat Patton, banjo; Dick Lamie, bass;Wally Rose, piano; Bill Dart, drums

Egyptian Ella - 3:15
Ted Lewis and his Band
COL-2428-D - 3/5/31 NYC
Ted Lewis, clarinet, alto sax, vocal; Muggsy Spanier & Dave Klein, trumpet; George Brunies & Sam Blank, trombone; Benny Goodman, clarinet; Louis Martin, alto sax/barotone sax; Hymie Wolfson, tenor sax; Sam Shapiro & Sol Klein, violin; Fats Waller, piano; Tony Gerhardi, guitar; Harry Barth, bass; John Lucas, drums

Wild Cats - 2:25
Lang - Venuti
Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang, (Napoleon's Emperors)
VIC-21561 - 6/21/28 NYC
Joe Venuti, violin; Eddie Lang, guitar; Frank Signorelli, piano

Varsity Drag - 3:03
B.G. DeSylva - Lew Brown - Ray Henderson
George Olsen and his Music
VIC- - 8/18/27
Fran Frey, vocal

Benny Rides Again - 4:39
B. Goodman
Benny Goodman and his Orchestra
COL-55001 - 11/13/40 NYC

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