The Graphophone

Columbia Graphophone Co.

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The Perfect Musical and Talking Machine. Tried, Tested and Guaranteed. A Public Entertainer of Unrivaled Merit and a Mint of Money for the Exhibitor.

THE GRAPHOPHONE OR TALKING MACHINE has proved itself in the past, and we believe always will be a most successful and popular entertainer. The novelty and wonder of the natural reproduction of the human voice as well as band and instrumental music insures preliminary interest, and the performance itself is so wonderfully realistic and the actual reproduction of speech and music of such a quality as could not otherwise be heard.

THEY REPRODUCE WITH STARTLING ACCURACY the productions of the most noted bands, orchestras, vocalists, public speakers and the songs, music or conversation of self or friends. The performances of the Graphophone are not confined to the reproduction of regular factory made records, but, when provided with a recording diaphragm, they will record and reproduce any words spoken to it, or song sung to it, and such records may be preserved and reproduced at any time.

AS A MONEY MAKER or as a home entertainer it has no equal. It is one of the most wonderful of all inventions, and yet its construction is so extremely simple that it causes the observer to wonder that its basic principle did not lead to its discovery long ago.

RECENT IMPROVEMENTS, simplicity of construction, replacing the expensive electric motors with the simple but practical spring motor, automatic machinery for their manufacture, making them in very large quantities, etc., has enabled us to make arrangements with the manufacturers whereby we can now offer this most wonderful little machine, complete with all the necessary accessories, at a price which not only brings them within the easy reach of those of small means, who wish to give public entertainments, but they can be owned by almost every family as a source of home amusement.

As a Money Maker the Graphophone has no Equal

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