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BluesNet Pages
Blues World
Maxwell St. Blues Home Sweet Home Page


78 Quarterly
Graham Newton's Audio Resoration Page
American Gramophone & Wireless Co.
Antique Classical Phonograph Records
Aardvark Mastering
Association for Recorded Sound Collections
Antique Edison
Antique Record Machines Page
Bill Winans Hobby Pages
Birthplace of Recorded Jazz: Gennett Records
Blue Pages: 78 Party Records
British Library National Sound Archive
Crank Up the Memories
De Weergever-Society - Dutch Collector's Society
Disk Doctor Record Cleaning System
Early Recorded Sounds & Wax Cylinders
Early Recordings: Music of the World
Edison Shop
Helmut Weber's Gramophone Page
Gramophone Adventures
Hear and Now Records
Kiddie Rekord King
MC Productions Vintage Recordings
Michigan Antique Phonograph Society
Mainspring Press: American Record Labels & Companies
Mt. Rosalie Records
Musée virtuel de la Radio & du Phono: (In French)
Nauck's Vintage Records
New North American Phonograph Co.
Old Time Victrola Music
Old Time Talking Machine Co.
Past Times: Nostalgia Entertainment News
Phonograph Makers' Page
Phonolist Companion
Radio Museum Rottenburg (Germany)
Rick Salsman's Antique Phonograph Gallery Online
Record Finder
Record Labels: From the American Gramophone & Wireless Co.
Red Hot Jazz Archive
Shellac Shanty RealAudio Jukebox
Swazoo Koolak's Web Jukebox
Tyrone's Record Page
Vax from Vaxholm - Swedish Record Auction
Vintage Jazz & Dance Music on 78s
VJM's Jazz & Blues Mart
World's Earliest Television Recordings


All About Jazz
Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Society
Bix Beiderbecke Resources
Clevedon Jazz Club
Henry Busses, Jr's Musician Database
Jazz Page: Dr. Karl Koenig
Jazz Age Page
Jazz Festivals In The Netherlands
JazzNet West
Jazz Profiles; NPR
Jazz Services; (UK)
Joe Lukasik's "JazzTrek"
KMHD Radio - All Jazz; All The Time
Mississippi Rag - Traditional Jazz & Ragtime News
Red Hot Jazz Archive
Roaring 1920's Concert Extravaganza
W.R. Hogan Trad Jazz Archives

Other Music

Al Jolson Home Page
Biograph Records, Inc.
Captain Fiddle Publications
Cool & Strange Music Magazine
Dr. Demento FAQ Site
Drums and Percussion Page
Exotica! The Exotic World of Martin Denny
Gilbert & Sullivan Discography
Indiana University Music Library
Music & Audio Connection


Fallout E-Zine
Homer Davenport Days
New Yorker Hotel Online
Seeraen Light Universal Dragon Cult
Silverton Hometown Page
Nor'Webster Group


Ragtime Home Page
Vintage Vaudeville & Ragtime Show

Swing Traditional Jazz & Ragtime Bands

Australian Cotton Club Orchestra
"Buffalo Ridge Jazz Band" from Cincinnati
Cornucopia Concert Band
Dixieland & Trad Jazz Home Page
"DixieLion Jazz Band," From State College, PA
Dutch Falconi and his Twisted Orchestra
Dutch Swing College Band
Jack Daniel's Original Silver Cornet Band
Joe Lukasik's "JazzTrek"
Nina Ferro's Homepage
Official Wooden Nickel Jass Band Page
"Old Time Jazz Band," From Finland
Simon Stribling's Home Page
"Revival Jass Band," From the Netherlands
Riverwalk Tradition Jazz Site
Stan Klein's Traditional Jazz Page
Zenith New Orleans Jazz Band

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