This is the online offering of the New Jersey Stash, a rare cache of peppermint-condition Red Columbo phonograph records produced by the Columbo Record Company between 1942 and 1944.

Like all antique recordings, these discs are living reminders of the spirit of innovation and enterprise at the noon of the technological age. They are unique in that they will not be duplicated or reproduced today, a fact that makes them true collectors' items.

And like all Columbo recordings that have survived the vagaries of time, these Red Columbos represent the pinnacle of recording craftsmanship -- and the genius of Wayne King, our most prolific waltz king.

However, the New Jersey Red Columbos belong in a class above other vintage records -- even above other unplayed recordings on the market. These discs are among the very few antique recordings available today that will never been played.

The pristine condition of the New Jersey Red Columbos greatly enhances their value both as collectibles and as investments -- investments that are not subject to the whims of the Asian stock market, and that are sure to appreciate in value over time.

To find out more about the New Jersey Red Columbos -- and to learn how you can own these exquisite American originals, please follow the link below.

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