Toasting a CD
Step Six
Labeling & Packaging

OK, the CD is done! But it looks pretty ugly with nothing on it in a blank jewel case. The "Brand Name" ones are worse, because then you have someone else's message on your CD! Besides, why not include a nice set of liner notes as well as the names, times and artists represented on the disk.

I make use of the popular page layout program Adobe PageMaker to create my own box inserts and labels. For the labels, I use a cool device called the "CD Stomper" which comes with a nice quantity of specially sized sticker material, that you run through your own printer. The trick is to layout the label and print it on regular paper first to check for alignment.

Then after the label is printed, you peal the sticker material off the sheet and place it stick-side-up on the Stomper. Next place the CD gold side down, (we recorded on the green side) and with a deftly quick motion, press on the label! It is of course essential that the label be positioned exactly in the center, or the CD may not spin properly. The Stomper and others like it insure that this is the case.

Now with the CD toasted and labeled, it is now ready for prime time!

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