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According to Edgar Evans Cayce, the younger son of Edgar Cayce, some 664 of Cayce's 2500 life readings refer to Atlantean incarnations; and, furthermore, some refer to more than one relating to the same person, making a total in excess of 700 Atlantean incarnations, approximately 30 percent of the total number of life readings which were given through Edgar Cayce. The earliest life reading which contains a reference to Atlantis was given on November 20th, 1923, and the last one was given on September 26th, 1944 - a span of nearly twenty-one years.

According to Cayce, Atlantis was destroyed by volcanic and earthquake-like 'explosions' on three distinct and widely-separated occasions. And each of these destructions lasted over a period of months or even years, not just days or a single day! The first of these disasters appear to have taken place about 50,700 BC, the second about 28,000 BC whilst the third and last one around 10,000 BC.

All the readings indicated that ample warnings were given and than many Atlanteans were, in fact, able to escape prior to each disaster. Some traveled to Europe and Africa whilst some found refuge in South America.

Although many of the life-readings were expressed in terminology that was often quite difficult to understand at first sight, by studying the texts very carefully and piecing many of them together as one would a jig-saw, we are able to obtain a comprehensive 'over-view' of the History of Atlantis . . .

The earliest Atlanteans are described by Cayce as being thought projections and having a physical being in which both sexes, male and female, were present in the same 'body'. Unfortunately, however, corruption from the pure, virginal, ways of the Spirit/God soon cast a heavy cloud upon the earth.

These Atlantean thought-form 'beings' - projecting 'vibrations' of pure white light and energy - gradually began to take on a more material shape and density and began to engage upon acts of sheer self-indulgence. These physically-encased thought-form projections, through the passage of time, began to separate into two groups; those who followed the Laws of One and those that chose to follow the Sons of Belial.

The Law of One still maintained the highest standards of consciousness and were able to continue vibrating at only the very highest level of light and energy; and still remained very close and true to the one Creator/God.

The Sons of Belial, on the other hand, were only interested in the amplification of the ego, self-aggrandizement and carnal pursuits. They tried to introduce the daughters of the Law of One to the pleasures of the flesh (with some considerable success!) and did their best to try and control all the spiritual laws to enhance all their materialistic purposes.

As time passed by, many of the original members of the Law of One fell by the wayside and found it much easier to follow the dictates of the Sons of Belial than remain true to their original standards and ethics!

The early Atlanteans lived in groups but not as households or families as we know them today! There were priests, laborers, producers, farmers, artisans, time-keepers and a most interesting and puzzling group which Cayce described as 'things' or 'mere machines'. One of the 'arguments' between the Law of One and the Sons of Belial was over the treatment and use of these 'things' . . .

Gradually, a civilization was created in Atlantis which surpassed all historical empires - past, present and future - in its scientific and economic achievements. The Atlanteans appeared to have developed technology which allowed them to have created aircraft, air-balloons, submarines, elevators, a broadcasting system, and even computers! The aircraft and submarines were also used for destructive purposes as well as for the benefit of the Atlantean population.

Other 'dual-purpose' discoveries included a death-ray, explosives, radioactive forces and atomic energy. As the Atlanteans began to increase their knowledge and understanding of all these destructive forces, the natural balance of nature precipitated the first destruction of Atlantis.

The only dated event in the life-readings, which may be associated with the first Atlantean destruction was the summit meeting of the countries of the world held in 50,722 BC. This meeting was brought about by the invasion of Atlantis by the giant members of the animal kingdom! The decisions of the countries which attended this summit-meeting are not clear. However, the Sons of Belial appear to have misused their knowledge in their attempts to destroy the invading animals.

Despite the best efforts of the Sons of Belial it appears that the animals were eventually destroyed by the power of Spirit/God, ice and through movement of the North/South Pole axis.

The effects and the extent of the first Atlantean Disaster was such that the Continent was broken up into five islands. On every occasion when Atlantis suffered cataclysmic disaster, its civilization was very advanced scientifically and technologically.

By the time of the second major disaster - about 28,000 BC - the Atlanteans were able to travel in every element; air, water and on land! Not only did they have aircraft but they also had guided craft as well.

The Atlanteans enjoyed all our 'modern' developments and many which yet remain undiscovered by our present day inventors and scientists. Machines and lasers were used in Atlantis for the rejuvenation of the body. Atlantean technology could also assist in developing one's psychic abilities, including telepathy and astral traveling.

Just prior to the second destruction of Atlantis, the Atlanteans had become, once again, more decadent and corrupt. The Law of One and the Sons of Belial engaged in lengthy disputes. One of these disputes was over the use of the group which Cayce termed 'things'. Should they be used as beasts of burden, workers in clay, in mills? Some Atlanteans appear to have aided them in their development; others preferred to exploit them!

As before the first destruction, spiritual laws were being applied to material gain. And although the Atlantean people appear to have had repeated warnings of the impending disaster, the majority seemed to have totally ignored them and continued to misuse their knowledge and power. This second 'destruction' resulted in a considerable loss of land and in climactic changes.

After the second 'destruction', the Atlanteans were forced to make many adjustments and alterations to the new conditions which they faced. Their scientific achievements were still considerable, although they do not appear to now be as advanced as in the two previous eras.

The previous disasters had left Atlantis as a group of Islands, the chief ones being called, Poseidia, Aryan and Og. There was a perpetual state of unrest and rebellion throughout the whole continent. The differences and on-going disagreements between the Law of One and the Sons of Belial did not diminish. And the Sons of Belial continued to divert the Spiritual Laws of knowledge and understanding for their own pleasure and to exert as much power as possible over the Atlantean population. And it was the Sons of Belial who instigated the final - terminal - devastation and destruction of Atlantis through their continued use of all their destructive energies and powers.

Although the destruction itself - when it came - may have appeared fairly sudden, many advanced warnings were given of what was going to occur. Those members of the Law of One - who had remained uncorrupted - took charge of arranging for the 'transportation' of those Atlanteans who were 'allowed' to leave. The Law of One also ensured that the records of knowledge and understanding were 'hidden' in the Sphinx and certain precautions were activated to make absolutely certain that these records would not be re-discovered for many thousands of years until the time was 'right' . . .

. . . a time which is fast approaching!

From Geoffrey Keyte

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